Re-opening of church buildings: risk assessments


Appleby Church


    Appleby Church will be open for private (individual) prayer as from Tuesday 7th July. It will be open on Tuesdays-Thursdays 10am - 4pm.  Snarestone, Swepstone and Norton-juxta-Twycross churches have not tradiitonally been open in the day time so we won't be opening them now for private prayer.

  Sunday worship was restarted as from 2nd August but is not held at every church in the Woodfield Team each Sunday. 

   Funeral services can be held in any of the churches  with up to 25 mourners attending. At the present time, singing is not allowed in church and all the usual advice applies about social distancing and sanitizing. Weddings cannot take place at present

  Much work and preparation has been needed to make this possible to reduce risk. The detailed risk assessments can be found here:

Appleby Church (private prayer and funerals as at November 2020) /content/pages/documents/1605103972.doc

Appleby Church: /content/pages/documents/1596613416.docx

Swepstone Church: /content/pages/documents/1595752246.doc

Norton juxta Twycross Church: /content/pages/documents/1600173487.docx

Snarestone Church: /content/pages/documents/1596111422.docx

Weddings protocol as at September 28th 2020: /content/pages/documents/1601225645.docx

Forest Church /content/pages/documents/1609494831.docx