Rector's Ramblings: March 22nd

Rector’s ramblings on March 22nd

    What a difference a week makes! No longer any need to sit and listen to my sermons but I can’t resist putting some words out there in the hope they are helpful.

   Just look at your hands for a minute. Not to check that you’ve washed them enough but look at them. I am fascinated by hands and tend to look at hands rather than faces very often. Hands are so amazing – give thanks for what you can do with your hands, even if yours might not work quite as well as they used to. I love the hands of tiny babies, already so perfectly formed; the hands of working people, large and rough; the hands of couples in love entwined. I could go on.

   Yet at the moment, we can’t but feel everything is getting out of hand – certainly out of the control of our hands. That is a strange feeling for so many of us who live in Western Europe as we have imagined that our hands were very much on the controls. Now we are anxious and fearful – what is happening now is beyond our control at our level. We thought we were safe and now it feels anything but.

   We speak of our Lord as being Lord of all and yet we wonder...... Imagine for a moment Jesus’ hands: the hands of a baby; his hands which were those of a carpenter as he got older and then those hands stretched out on a cross. It is those wounded hands that say to me ‘You can trust my hands. Mine are a safe pair of hands and I have gone this far to show that you matter to me, that you are my beloved’

   His is our guiding hand in all this. He takes us by the right hand and is there with us always through good and difficult. The picture I have is of the child walking with its parent, hand in hand.

    Put your hand into his and walk as that trusting  child.

Vivien Elphick 21.3.20