Ready, Steady, Stick - October 2021

Ready, Steady, Stick


We welcomed 10 families to the October half-term session of RSS and the children, parents, cares, and helpers all seemed to have a good time.

The theme this time was ‘Jesus is the Light’ and, not surprisingly, there was a great deal to do with light during the afternoon. However, we started with the RSS favourite – my God is a great Big God – after a quick rehearsal to remind us of the words. This was followed by a story about a man who is light and how his light shines in the darkness. Crafts included making lanterns, modelling with Glo-Sticks and colouring stained-glass windows. An activity for all was to colour a lighthouse and to use a cut-out of their hand as the light shining above the lighthouse, as can be seen on the collage below.

Despite being October refreshments were cold drinks and ice cream, again enjoyed by everyone. This was followed by a ‘feely-box’ game, asking the children to identify items which they couldn’t see. The items were all correctly named and everyone won a prize.

The session finished with a loud rendering of ‘This little light of mine’ and the Ready, Steady, Stick prayer. The children were given ‘bags of hope’, a colouring book called ‘Jesus is the Light’ and an invitation to the Christmas Party on December 11th.

We look forward to seeing everyone again near Christmas.