Farewell to Vivien


Farewell to Vivien

A packed church (remember those days before the pandemic?) met to say goodbye (God be with you!) to Vivien on Sunday 12th September. After 31 years of ordained Ministry (nearly half of those spent as Team Rector of the Woodfield Team, Vivien now enters a well-deserved retirement.

Vivien arrived at the Vicarage in Measham in 2006 and set about joining a group of churches into a cohesive team. Despite initial resistance, the team became known in the diocese for its cooperative work, enjoying very successful weekends when we prayed and partied together. Team services were well attended on 5th Sundays and events were coordinated, although each Parish retained its own individuality.

At the service there were tributes from churches and individuals, highlighting Vivien’s capacity for hard work, her community involvement, her work with the schools in the area and her determination to see things through, particularly evidenced in the fact that the church buildings of the team are all in much better condition than when Vivien arrived.

In a service of Holy Communion Vivien preached on the story of the Road to Emmaus, challenging us to continue to live in Christ’s love, to get on with each other and to face the future with Christ at our side.

Gifts were presented to help Vivien to settle into retirement and, the weather being kind, we enjoyed a bring and share lunch on the vicarage lawn.

Thank you, Vivien. God bless you!