What time is this?

What time is this?

"There is a time for everything,

    and a season for every activity under heaven”:

Thus wrote the Teacher in Ecclesiastes.

What time is this now?

A strange time, catapulting us out of ‘normal’

   not of our choice and decision.

A time when our diaries, appointments and meetings

    are out of the window.

A time of fear and panic.

A time when so much in which we place our security is shaken.

What time is this?

Some already conjecture but only those who follow us and look back on it

can truly give a verdict of bigger meaning.

What time is this for me?

A time freed from many responsibilities

    that have weighed heavy at times.

A time when I feel disorientated:

I’m not afraid but can’t settle, can’t concentrate.

A time when I lose track of what day it is and what needs to be done.

A time when I can learn more of what it means to trust our Lord

  when nothing is within my control.

What time is this for each if us?

We need to answer for ourselves but..

It is a time when help is being offered and provided to others,

 when love your neighbour is being practised.


May it also be a time when, whatever,

  we learn to sit with Jesus and learn more of what it means

  to walk with him on the Way of the Cross this Passiontide,

  to love him more

 and just possibly to trust him with ourselves whatever.

Vivien Elphick 26.3.20