Vicar's View:May 23rd 2021



     This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost: “Birthday of the Church” Fifty days after Easter. (Pentecost literally means “50”) The day the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles, causing them to speak in tongues.

    How do you think you would have felt if you were there on the day of Pentecost? I have always thought of it as being in a hurricane. The trees blown every which way by the invisible wind. Branches are stripped of their leaves and the weaker boughs are broken and fall to the floor.  We hear the rage of the storm, rushing through a garden uprooting the plants battering the houses and lifting cars and throwing them all over. I watched a programme where some people, totally mad I thought, were chasing a storm and they went to the centre of it and they could hardly stand.

    The people at Pentecost must have been frightened out of their wits at the changes they felt being filled with the Holy Spirit.  Can you imagine the surprise experienced by the disciples when the rush of violent wind and tongues of fire, the spirit of truth came to abide in them?

   My question is, how open are you at being surprised? how willing are you to be bowled over by God’s power?  We are going through some challenging changes within the diocese with the Shaped by God Together process but God sees the better bigger picture than us. If we embrace all that God is showing through this, he will equip us for what is happening, however difficult and painful we feel about what is changing.

 So, I’m going to finish with a prayer.

Come, Holy Spirit,

 come as a gust of power.

Roll back the thunder clouds of sin.

And breathe into our world the spirit of peace.

Come as a breath of fresh air to our families.

Blow open closed doors,

That the many who wait outside enter in.

Come as a gentle summer’s balm,

To comfort the sick and distressed.

Come Holy  Spirit, come.