Vicar's View October 24th 2021

                                                                                 Vicar's view October

In a remote part of the alps, I have been told, mountaineers leave cashes of food in strategic places along difficult routes so that other climbers can use them when caught in a blizzard of facing other dangers. I believe God plants certain scenes in our memories today, from which we can draw strength of encouragement when needed.

Some years ago, driving through a town I stopped my car at a red  traffic light, walking along the pavement was a young soldier dressed in his smartest uniform, carrying his kit bag over his shoulder.

He turned towards an end of terrace house on the corner of the street and rang the bell at that moment the door flung open and a young women rushed out hair flying, and arms outstretched a smile of radiant hope on her face. The soldier dropped his bag and scooped her up in his arms, they clung together with such intensity that I knew he had been away for some time.

But now he was home he was safe , and the joy that radiated from that couple lit up the whole street, the whole world.

It remined me of the time I had spent away from my wife Debs and how we felt being back together again after so long apart, those days just came flooding back.

The traffic lights changed, and I moved off, but to this day every time I go passed that spot it reminds me of that soldier and the days of my own life, and I feel the warmth and gladness and miracle of young love and something in me restored and strengthened.

When we feel God's love each time it does feel like young love however old we are, that all embracing feeling and warmth of protection God gives us through Jesus his son.