Vicar's View 19th September 2021


love heart in the clouds

                                             Vicar’s view                                                   

Love one another

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the privilege to conduct four weddings, all different in their own way but with one key element to each and that is love.

The love and commitment made by each couple in its uniqueness has been beautiful. Each couple saying their vows to each other and committing their lives together in church has been joyful especially in these difficult times.

One of my favourite verses  in the bible is:

A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you also must love  by this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another This is Jesus talking to his disciples bout being called.

When love inspires creativity, the result is moving and enriching. There are those who excel at creating a relaxed  welcoming space around them in which others feel at home.

I know that is our prayer in the Woodfield team to make a warm relaxed welcoming atmosphere in our churches and outreach into our communities.

I know times will be challenging especially with Vivien having moved on and the uncertainty of the Shaped by God together process, but as a family we are here to help each other whatever happens.

We have  some wonderful opportunities to showcase what we do and who we are, like the relaunch event on the 2nd of October at Measham church, this is to highlight our wonderful families work.

We had the ride and stride on the 11th of September, events where people could bid farewell to Vivien Elphick,  and we had the Heritage Day at Measham.  

Every year, in October, we have a service called ‘Lights of Love’ for those who want to come to remember a loved one who has died. This has proved popular for those who have been recently bereaved and those who lost someone a long time ago.

As I begin to hold together all these aspects of church life along with my colleagues and all those working to sustain the life and work of the church, remember we are a church for the community.

I was struck by a poem by Colin Murray Parkes which really holds with the way forward:

Our aim cannot be to cancel out the past,

To try to forget, but to ensure that the strength and meaning which gave beauty to the old patterns is remembered and reinterpreted in the pattern now emerging.

Enjoy your days ahead

Blessings go with you

Revd Rick Tett, Team Vicar in the Woodfield Team