Vicar's View - 3rd October 2021

                                                      Vicar’s view

In the next few months, we are going to face some challenges and changes, so what does that mean to us in the Woodfield team.

If I were to ask you, I am sure you would be able to recite the greatest commandments, Love of God, and Love for our neighbour.

It all sounds so simple, but in real terms what does this really mean to each of us?

Christian love is about learning to treat everyone that we meet in the same way that God treats us.

For Christians, this forms part of the first tenet of our faith. It shapes who we are as children of God, how we treat others, and it shapes our actions and reactions to what happens to us, and around us.

There are people that we will usually love without question, our family, our friends, the ones that we allow into our lives. But what about those who we are not drawn to, love is more difficult, and we have to choose to love them.

It has to be a conscious act of our will, we each have to say to ourselves, I will be kind to them, patient with them, and the more we choose to love others, then the more our own emotions begin to change.

This also impacts on the way we worship, because as we continue to grow and work together, we learn more about each other and the worship that we share as the family of God in our churches, whether apart or together at benefice services, is heightened and becomes even more meaningful.

We continue to move away from the notion that we are simply individual, separate congregations, and know more deeply what it means to be part of the one body, working alongside each other to not only build up the individual churches, but also to work together to build up the church, the one body of God in the Woodfield team.

In the shaped by God together process there will be times of sacrifice, but there will be times of blessing, but as we continue to strengthen the bonds that join us all as members of the household of faith, we can also recall that the greatest sacrifice ever made, was the one that was made by Christ on the cross so that we could all have life in and through him.

My prayer for us is we love one another and work together for to build up the body of Christ here in this place