Rector's Ramblings: March 21st 2021



All sorts of language has been added to our repertoire as we use Zoom: ‘you need to unmute’ and ‘you’ve frozen’ to name just two. There’s another terror that comes along as well – it flashes up on the screen ‘You have an unstable connection’. Then the hub goes down and you’re cut off from the internet and it was in the middle of that Zoom meeting. I’ve had that happen to me quite a bit recently – my connection becomes unstable.

   I can’t help wondering if that is a commentary on how we feel right now – unstable in our connections: not sure of work; of when we can do what; how it will feel to come out of hibernation. We are jittery and unstable.

    Yet I believe we can trust the One who is a stable base in the midst of all the changes and chances of life. He is the stable connection. Right now, we are ploughing on with our Lent session looking at all that God does for us, holds out to us. I get really excited at the hugeness of it all but I’m not sure that being on Zoom helps me translate my excitement.

    So, I’ll try a little here. Jesus says to us ‘Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.’ (Rev 3:20) Let’s visit a little of what Jesus lays out on his table for us.

    He reminds us that we have been created by God in love, to love and for love. We are precious to our Lord, more precious than we can dream. Not because of our achievements or anything like that but because he has chosen us. That gives us meaning and stability – we don’t have to build up self esteem, which is always fragile and unstable but rest in his love. Amazing to me that that is the truth.

   Another wonderful thing on his table is the promise of freedom. We get ourselves so tangled up; we get it all so very wrong time and again; we mess up on relationships and on what we know we should have done. Jesus doesn’t want us to go through life lugging chains along with us from the past – he wants us to let him take them off and walk free from all that would hold us captive. That is very much what the Passiontide story will tell us in the coming fortnight.

  He offers peace. That is not an absence of troubles that will always come our way in our life in this world. The peace he offers is knowing that he is with us in it all: The Lord is my shepherd. Read Psalm 23 and you’ll see what I mean. There is no time when he abandons us (even if we are ignoring him!). He is OK about it when we talk to him directly to complain and question as to why things are as they are. For me this says, it’s not all down to me. There is someone bigger than me who has responsibility. In that is peace.

   He holds us in love – just watch again that greatest act of love the world has ever seen: Jesus, God himself, going through that most awful death and saying ‘See how much you are loved’. God so loved us/you......

   He would bring us together to learn how to be together as humans – not the easiest of things for us as we are good at falling out. He gives us yet another gift and that is the gift of his Holy Spirit who works in us and through us. We are not left as orphans to do it all on our own again when Jesus ascends to heaven. The Holy Spirit will make us more like Jesus, and together in Him, so much becomes possible. I could go on

    I can’t help but be in awe of  all that Jesus lays out for us on that table. Will we sit and eat? And enjoy and explore? No more unstable connections but a stable person whom we can trust.