Prayer at home (3)



Prayer at home but together (3)

         How is the praying going? Stick with it. I started to take us through the Lord’s Prayer so do read (2) if you haven’t already. Let’s move on in the Lord’s Prayer. How you approach it can be at different levels but we do need to go deeper from time to time.


Our next phrase:

Give us today our daily bread.

  ‘Bread’ is a basic necessity of life in many parts of our world today, and many will pray the Lord’s Prayer with that need for bread for the day. I believe we can pray for all our needs day by day, not just for bread. It will include our need for love, for God’s spiritual gifts as well as the material. Remember though that ‘need’ isn’t the same as ‘want’.  

   A prayer that we have enough just for today? The panic buying that preceded Lockdown suggests we don’t think that a day’s supply for our needs is enough; surely we need a nest egg, a full cupboard? How many of us have de-cluttered in recent weeks, getting rid of loads of stuff that we thought we needed, that we bought and then kept? We have more than we need. We live in a society that does stockpile – we want security, but that security is in what we amass. This prayer can be a challenge. Dare we ask for the provision we need just for today? What might that look like? Can we trust our loving Father that each day will give us what we need, the blessing we need?

   However, this bidding is a reminder to pray for those who long to find bread on the table today. More than that even, but to ask ourselves, what can we do to help make that a reality? This Lord’s Prayer is not an easy prayer to pray.

More to follow.

Vivien Elphick. May 1st 2020