Ode to Joy weekend

Ode to Joy weekend

  So how did the February Team weekend go? In a nutshell it was a delight and joy.

Just a few comments:

  • "Well planned, well executed and well delivered.Very encouraging to see so many taking part. I am sure it has given us all a lift."
  • "a lovely weekend. People seemed to really enjoy Raymondo and his laughter workshop and  it certainly left me chuckling for the rest of the weekend."

  • "it has been a very good team weekend! The bishop was very good, both his talks were excellent really challenging. Was really struck that we do spend an awful lot of time on the crucifixion as important as it is, but I really ‘got’ the joy of the resurrection. The resurrection is not just for Easter Sunday but for life and abundant life at that. That Jesus did not appear but was there all the time has stuck with me and all those images of people in whom we might recognise the face of Jesus if we were looking.For me it was a very good experience. Saturday morning was a real eyeopener, to see people joining in with the activities at the laughter workshop"

And some photos:

      Bishop Peter Fox with Vivien shows something of the laughter had by all.


   There were some serious bits as well!

   And some magic. How did he do it?

  We packed so much into the weekend: Bishop Peter Fox on Friday evening with his thoughts on resurrection joy; Raymondo on Saturday mornng getting us to laugh and laugh with more thoughts from Vivien on leading a joyful life with Jesus and a heart warming film night in the evening. Storm Ciara presented a challenge on Sunday morning but 90 of us still gathered to celebrate and rejoice. All rounded off with some magic from Bishop Peter who is the only bishop to be  a member of the magic circle as well. Saturday and Sunday saw the children in their own activties also having fun.

PS There were lots of eats as well and amazingly we got through over 13 pints of milk in teas and coffees.